MBL 2TB: Slow when browsing media

I have a MBL 2TB which is cabled via Cisco cable cable modem/router to a WD TV Live SMP. At the moment it has about 300GB of media on it - so not a vast collection.

What I have found of late that when accessing my music via the WDTV live SMP while in Media Library, Album view, it’s quite slow. I’ve also had the same experience when browsing the same folder via my Macbook (over wifi).  I don’t have a huge music collection but I am in the process of adding my CD collection. 

The sluggishness is a bit off putting.  Anything that I should be concerned about or checks that I should be making?

Hey there buddy!

I’m in the exact same position as you with this device.

When I browse media the device using my Mac Mini it is EXTREMELY SLOW! I mean, **bleep**!

When I access the same folders under a Windows 7 VM on my Mac, it runs PERFECT! I mean, it’s like a completely different device! I’m actually happy with it under Windows!

I should have got a Time Machine from Apple, the additional costs would have been offset by the frustrations I’m having.

I’ve tried everything, SSH in and delete / remove all unnecessary processes but NO LUCK! 

SOOOOOOOoooooooooooo annoying.

Oh man, feels good to rant here buddy. but I’m sorry for not adding any value to your post.