MBL 2TB gone each morning

I have a MBL 2TB. It works fine during the day but every morning we have to unplug the system to get it to reconnect to the network. If I log into the homehub it is shown as being present via the ethernet cable but none of the computers on the network can access it without unplugging it first. the wd quick view icon is present but it shows the mbl as being there with no temp or used percentage, and it can not access it via the net.

The assigned map drive says it has not been reconnected on start up.

Any help would be great.


Make sure that you have the latest firmware installed on the drive.

I have already checked that, it says no updates available. I have been working on the drive all day today with no problem until 10 mins ago! it has disappeared again. Very Frustrating.

is your router set up as dhcp?  How long is the IP reservation time?  Perhaps it reassigning an IP every day and not resolving.

Can you log into the router’s admin panel in the mornings and see what IP it has assigned to the MBL?  And then open your browser and type in that IP.  Just to see if that’s the issue.

Also, you know it’s coming…try changing your DNS server to