MBE not backing up some songs with"parameter incorrect"

Hey all…My Book Essential 3tb recently has failed to back up some songs.  The reason is “the parameter is incorrect”

The only thing these 60 or so songs have in common missing is a parentheses is missing in the title of the song/file.  I have about 1600 total songs.

They used to be correct.  It seems something is taking 1 of the parentheses out.  (Itunes or amazon cloud???..or is it the WD MBE drive?]

Here is example

We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monae.m4a

I have about 60 songs that are all missing the final parentheses…I did not alter them…and they originally downloaded correctly.  

Any ideas here guys??  It is annoying as heck.  Thanks!

What software are you using to copy the files?

Can the files be manually added without the error?

Check your drive for problems ( both source and destination )

Thanks for your reply.

First of all I am downloading the songs from either I Tunes (most of them) or from Amazon MP3 store.

The files are always downloaded correctly and are thus backed up to the MBE.  BUT…at some point the name of the music file changes where it clips off the parentheses on some songs.    If I go try to rename the file to its correct name  (with parentheses) then Itunes cannot find it.   Itunes then asks to find it…it then does…BUT it is back to the wrong name with the parentheses missing…even AFTER I manually changed the name back.

Not sure how to check my drive for problems as everything else is humming right along.

So to sum up…I am not sure why the music files are getting changed from the original.  AND the MBE will not back up a song missing a parentheses :confounded:    And not sure why it cares…it is a FILE so Back it up MBE!!!

Thanks for taking time to consider my problem

Good Spot on the missing Parenthesis!  I am seeing the same error on Smartware to a My Book Live, I missed that they all have a missing closing parenthesis, I assume you resolved it by changing the name to include a closing bracket.

I’m going to do this and see what the result is.  Looks like it maybe a parsing error on Smartware software.