MBA is not visible on my network windows 7 64bit

Mybook live is not visible on my network with a windows 7 64bit laptop.

I have posted my continuing issues that started with Smartware stopped backing up in May.

Thought I would update Smartware see if that resolved it. Caused Smartware not to see target mybook live only drop box.

As well as my Quickview was gone.

Thought I would update my firmware although looking now I was just one release behind so probably not necessary but failed to go beyond 0% and hung. After not receiving any assistance I finally hit the escape key to get out of the warning box about do not unplugged, yadda yadda.

I uninstalled Smartware per instructions but am not attempting to reinstall until I can see mybook live on my network or I believe I will get the same result.

After reading for days (not hours), and at some point could not see mybook live on my network, started trying to diagnose network problems, for a moment the drive was visible in my network. I thought I will test this by rebooting to see if its really fixed. Nada. I then checked my Nortan firewall, mybook live is trusted and visible, so I turned off my firewall. Reran diagnostics on my network. And yes all devices are in “Homegroup” & on the same wireless network.

And that’s where I am at. No backups, can’t see mybook live on my network, can’t go forward. I believe a driver was perhaps nuked in the Smartware update process perhaps…a guess?

I contacted WD support via email over a week ago.

If you have some suggestions please please reply!

Hello  SIS425,

Please see your Personal messages.

Update = Rooting mybook live and now issue of visiblity on my network resolved.