MB SE II (2T) - Can't "Enter Time Machine"

I installed this drive as raid 0. I don’t install any WD software (that I am aware of). I set it up using Time Machine. The first few days I could enter TM and scroll through the history windows. Now when I click to enter TM, I get nada. No errors, nothing. HOWEVER, I am getting backups. I can upen the drive using Finder and see all the backup previous days and current hourly B/Us.

Any ideas what would have changed or what I can do to regain full functionality of TM?

Thanks in advance.

imac i7quad, Lion 10.7.2

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The MBW has known issues with Lion, did you make the update?

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Thanks. After a week of not doing anything, I wnt home last night and tried it again and it worked as expected. I will monitor to see if it re-occurs.