Mb/s goes to zero

Copying a 72GB file from the MC to an external USB 3.0 docking station drive.  The MB/s goes to zero, LED on megabit switch turns off and the activity LED on the back of the MC turns off.  The MC’s link LED on the back of the MC stays on.  This happens numerous times during the transfer process.

It appears that megabit switch lost the MC but the MC shows it as still connected as the link LED stays on.

This doesn’t happen if I copy the same file to my PC’s hard drive and both hard drives are the exactly the same model, etc.

interesting update!

I wasn’t expecting this but I received a WD4001FAEX(4TB) bare drive today.  I copied the same file from the MC to it and not only was the average speed higher(about the same as going to the PC) but not one hickup either.

The other drive is a WD7501AALS(750GB) and did pass the WD diagnostics quick test.  I should run the full test.

Hi wptski, please run the full test and share the results. 

The 2:11:00 extended test also passed so I’m not sure what the problem is.