MB Live or World Edition?

Hi All,

I’m upgrading my 500Gb USB external hard drive to that of the networked variety. It’s nearly full now and I am in need of a change, however I have come across a headache…

I have found two products: a 1Tb My Book World Edition (white) for £69, and a 2Tb My Book Live (black) for £135. I don’t know much about the relatively new MBL, so apologies if all this sounds a bit dumb. Based on those prices, is it worth investing in the new MBL?

I’m presuming the MBW has been discounted due to the MBL being the main attraction, but I’k slightly swaying to the MBL due to double the capacity and it’s black (which goes with my black TV, black Blu-Ray player, black Sky HD box, black Sky wireless router and black glass TV stand. A do have a white Wii though!

If they are pretty much the same product (one just a newer version of the other) I’d probably the the MBW that’s in the sales however if it is a far superior device then I’d be willing to invest in the MBL.

Any comments / ideas / suggestions you can give me would be greatly appreciated.



Go for Live! Its far move superior than World.

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