Maximum transfer speed to and from MyBook Live?

I use Buffalo router WZR-HP-G450H, 450mbps HighPower N-Gigabit Router,

Connected directly to MBL via lan cable.

Before I upgraded my router to this, I got maximum transfer speed of ± 10-11 mb/s.

Now, the transfer speed is around ± 30-32 mb/s.

What is the maximum transfer speed to and from MyBook Live ?

How can I achieve it ?

I heard somewhere they can reach 100 mb/s ?

it all depends on hardware, but for the most part, normal for a 1gb network. Check this article. It is old but the concept still applies.

For newer hardware and SSD you could get in the 60s-70s. 100s? never heard of those.,2321-3.html

I have just read the article. Great article!

So, we should come down to final conclusion and final question,

What is the actual maximum write speed of the hard drive inside MBL ?

Though perhaps not an immediate answer to your question, this article might help a bit: