Maximum size access for folders


I cannot get access to some (and only some)  of my folders laying on my Live Book Duo (6To).

In fact, I can get access with a Mac computer (using WD Mycloud) but not with an iOS software on iPad or Iphone.

I was wondering wether it could be the size of the files that stops the download. (The message is something as : internet access denied…)

Because this occurs only with very big folders (15 and 25 Go).

Did you heard anything about it ?

Thanks a lot.

Have a merry christmas (or whatever…).


Hi Florelle, if you are trying to download files, have you verified if you have enough space on your iPad, iPhone? 

I found the solution : access forbidden to some folders and allowed to others was the consequence of bad permissions on the source… I had to delete the target (unfortunately), start Onyx,  and repare my Mac permissions. Evrything is fine now. Thanks for your answers,

Merry christmas.


Merry christmas to you too Florelle, good to know you got it fixed. :smiley: