Maximum Resolution for Scart+CRT


I wanted to know what maximum Resolution i can use with Scart and a old CRT-TV

is 1024x576 right for PAL?

I wanted to have the best Quality no matter the size so would that be MPEG2 with 1024x576?



576 lines is correct, but the horizontal resolution can vary depending on what type of anamorphing is done, and the pixel “Aspect Ratio,” not to be confused with the IMAGE aspect ratio.

material is 16:9 so 1024*576 fits perfectly.

jsut in case to avoid future problems if i got a 2.35:1 cinema movie can i do mpeg2 1354*576 (supported up to 1080p) and it will be scaled down to 1024*435? Or do i need to use 1024*576 and PAR settings

You’d be far better off leaving the source video AS-IS, and let the WDTV do the re-scaling, instead of re-encoding to try to get more pixels.  :)

i do a 2*1080p mkv to anaglyph so it would not quite work in this case

i just wanted to ensure the maximum possible resolution for a good 3d effect!