Maximum pasword length?

Can anyone confirm if the following is the case?

Ik have a 3tb wdmycloud and i gave it the same username and password as on my computer, however, i have a rather long password (33 characters), and when I use this password for the WDMyCloud drive I am locked out completely. It says that my password is wrong, but I am positive that it is not. When I use a much shorter password it works fine, but I would rather use the longer version and be able tpo mount the drive in windows without entering a username and password to reach my private files on the WDMyCloud. Is there perhaps a maximum password length, and if so, how much characters are alowed?



I have personally not attempted to use passwords longer than 16 characters, but I’d recommend testing if the issue is related to the specific characters used as opposed to the length. Try to create a new 33-digit password just with numbers and see if it presents credential issues.


I am afraid it has nothing to do with special characters, mainly because there are none to speak of. In this case the password exists only of numbers and letters. Besides I feel uncomfortable resetting the drive all the time. I do remember reading somwhere in the user manual that the shares naming has a limit of 32 characters, maybe it is the default max for every login name and password system-wide?

I now solved it by adding the login credentials to windows reference management, but it is not the way I would like it to be. I will try to make another test account later, where I will use the same password minus one letter, since it is then only 32 characters long and should, theorethically, work, if my assumption about the 32 max cap is right.

In any event, I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer my question!