Maximum number of folders in the Media Library?

New to this Streamer…long time former SageTV user!!!

Running the latest Firmware 1.07.15.

Currently my Video/Movie database is on a WINXPRO box shared via 56 folders on 4 separate HDD total 5TB.

SCENARIO: I was adding folders via gallery view to the Media Library when I got a message saying I had exceeded the the libraries folder capacity!

QUESTION: What is the limitation of how many individual folders the Media Library can access???


bro, i have same question, what i did is reset and back to normal… as i know can up to thousand movies…:slight_smile:

hope this help…


If the “My Media Library” aggregates network shares than what constittutes a network share on  WINXPRO box???

My movie library is on 4 different HDD’s,  some are stand alone movies, others are in a folder catagorized by genre, episodic etc.

I’m not getting this…