Maximum Media Library Size

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows whether there is a maximum media library size that the WDTV Live Streaming can cope with? My dad has a Synology DS3412 in his office. This NAS has a maximum filesystem size of 120TB. Theoretically, if he had 120TB worth of media files, would the WDTV display all files if I viewed them through Media Server rather than Shares? I couldn’t find anything antwhere that mentions a maximum media library size that the WDTV can cope with? Thanks guys

If you’re using “Media Server rather than Shares,” then the WDTV has nothing to do with it.  It’d be the media server’s limitations (whatever it is.)

You can’t use Media Library with Media Server, that’s only available via network shares.

And saying that the filesystem size of 120TB doesn’t mean anything about the size of the media library.

If that’s all 100% Bluray rips, then it’d only be 3000 blurays, which the WD can easily cope with.

My media library is about 6 TB right now, and has about 4000 items in it.