Max user shared folder for WD NAS

I am new comer to NAS.
I want to buy ex4 or maybe pr4100.
but I have 2 question before decide to buy.

  1. how many (max) user shared folder can access folder WD NAS at the same time?
  2. can NAS (ex4 or PR4100) using Common/Standard 3.5" HDD?

help me to answer this please…


There is not limit for the amount of users you can create on a My Cloud EX4, nor a limit for the people that can access at the same time. Depending on how many users access at the same time, it will probably slow down the user interface slightly.
Same thing for the PR4100

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Thx Feragui…

How about the HDD?
Bcause its really difficult to find red wd HDD in my city.

Anyone can help me about the hdd please?

Hi Sanjaya,

You can use the HDD standard. But try for Black edition. The reason NAS certified is it meant to run for 24x7 like you can also try surveillance series from any manufacturer. Try NAS or Surveillance or Black edition.

The data is more important than any other.