Max Storage and Automatically delete / overwrite?

I currently have my cloud setup doing a number of storage related things and the latest is storing video clips captured from my CCTV cameras into a separate share setup on the drive.

This is all working nicely and functioning as expected, however currently I am logging on daily and deleting footage captured from the previous day to avoid maxing out the drive. (It would take weeks of ignoring this for it to come close to maxing it out, but the principle is still there).

So is there a way to either:

A) Set a maximum size for a folder / share on the Cloud which will stop uploading files once it is hit and send me the notification email so I can go in and manually clear it up?


B) Set something to automatically go through and delete all files from a share that are over 4 days old or something along those lines?

Thanks in advance!

What app are you using to back up your devices? If you are using SmartWare then you can set the number of copies. See image below.


Have you read the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud?

Currently the videos are being uploaded automatically by software that does not have this capability.

My WD Cloud is not currently being backed up to a separate device (this is next on the list).

I need to get this resolved before the cloud is backed up to another device as although the Backup device would be able to restrict the size of files, they would still exist on the cloud which would cause the cloud to eventually become full.

So to clarify, I need to do this on the cloud after files have been uploaded and before they are backed up to a separate device.

No; there is no system of creating share quotas.

It sounds like a job for cron; run a script every day that deletes files from the recording folder that are more than x days old. Linux will do that sort of thing in its sleep:

OK Great I will look into that then! Is there any documentation on setting this up anywhere?