Mavericks wiped all my Lacie + Seagate Ext drives! Didn't touch my WD drive?

Hi, my understanding is that people are familiar with the issue of HDs being wiped and renamed after upgrading to Mavericks. My issue is that this happened to three drives (so far), one Lacie and two Seagate drives, one USB and two firewire800. They were all wiped and renamed/partitioned into “MyBook” and “EFI.” Unfortunately I have just returned from two months on assignment and plugged in my drives to back them up but never had a chance since they were wiped immediately. So obviously I am pretty interested in a resolution to this problem that restores access to the data on my drives.

I have one WD MyBook drive still attached via USB that I use for Time Machine, it has not been affected. I have searched and attempted to purge all WD software, preferences and launcher items. Please let me know what the status is with this issue, and if I need to try and return to an older version of Mac Os X. Thank you.

I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. We are having a Specialist contact you tomorrow regarding this issue.