Mavericks compatability?

I heard mavericks is not compatible with the management and desk top apps on the mac, is this true?  I have a windows machine in the house unfortunetly I need it for my business, but would like to manage my cloud ex 4 from my mac since that’s where I spend most of my time.

I believe the issue is with only external (USB attached) drives and the issue does not affect NAS products.

I’m running an imac w/ 10.9 and a newer owner of the MyCloud EX4  I have not noticed any specific mac incompatibility.  

Although to be honest, I’m not using every function of it currently.  Just network shares and itunes server.   I also run Win 8.1 is there a specific function I can help test for you to ensure compatibility?

Not necessarily.  I was reading a review on amazon, and someone said when they were on the phone with tech support, that mavericks didn’t work.  But it was a good thing that they had mountain lion still handy.  What apps are you using on mavricks, I want to use the one that puts it in the status bar, but can’t remember witch one it is.

There is no issue that I am aware of with Mavericks. I use it all the time on my MacBook Air.

The utility you are referring to is Quick View. You can download that from the Learning Center.