Matching an external WD for Mac donor drive - HELP!


Hi folks. I’m very hopeful to find the best donor match to my wd external for mac. Most likely the heads need to be replaced… Yes all years of our marriage and our 3 kids photos are lost on this drive without recovery so suffice to say we are a little stressed about finding a good donor…

This is what my tech friend whos a little more savvy on these things tells me:

-Your drive is Western Digital My Password for Mac, 2 TB, micro-USB 3.0 interface, black edition (there are blue and green, we need black).
the model number is WD20NMVW, manufacturing date is September 2013. Closer to this date, the better… That’s
probably all we need right now…-

He later sent me this:

  • Your drive P/N is WDBZYL0020BSL-01 -

I have done a little bit of research and from what I can tell this could be a nightmare. Is there anyone out there who knows of a good match or can give me some insight on where to find one? Give me an idea on price point? We are in Toronto Canada area.

Help us if you can!



Hello, rjmalda

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


Thanks, I just did. Hopefully someone can help me at WD. I really just need the data off the drive, I have no intention of repairing nor saving important data in this fashion again.