Master file table

wd element my hdd’s  master file table is corrupt and when i plug it in lappy popup comes “drive is not  accessible  corrupted or unreadable data” pls help 

thanks n advance

I had a corrupt MFT a couple of months ago on a WD Elements 1TB Drive

Fixed easily by running chkdsk   (3 mins later and mine was fixed … good to go)

Quick Guide: (For Windows 7)


Click “Start”

then type  CMD  (in the Search Box)

now type        chkdsk /f C:        change C: to the label of the WD Elements Drive eg. D:

hit “Enter” on your keyboard and wait until it’s finished fixing the errors

Note: if you get some “Administrative Warning” when trying to do the above…

Click “Start” again and you should see a “Command Prompt” icon in your recent programs list.

“Right-Click” on it and select “Run as Administrator” … then continue following the instructions above.

P.S. WInXp is exactly the same except … “Start”  then “Run” then type CMD and then chkdsk /f C: