Massive problems with WD Quick View and WD Drive Manager

So I bought the MyBook Live to use with my Windows XP machine and, after one day, am having all kinds of problems. Seemed fine at first: Discovery went smoothly, and I was able to transfer some files. But after about 6 hours everything went to pieces. For starters, the WD Drive Manager software crashes left and right – three times in less than 24 hours. Now WD Quick View does not see my drive, nor can I access the dashboard from the Quick View icon in the tray or from the browser – can’t, in fact, access the Dashboard at all. I can access the drive through Windows Explorer, but I am at a loss how to create shares or users without accessing the dashboard.

Does anybody have any ideas what can be done?

What color is the led on your mybooklive?

I assume that you have rebooted your computer and if safe to do so, the mybooklive.

Did you use this address to access your mybooklive. http://mybooklive/

Hi, thanks for your response. I ended up rebooting my computer, and then rebooting and resetting the drive. Now I can access the drive via the dashboard (via a browser) but the Quick View software seems really buggy. After the last crash I didn’t bother restarting it. Seems okay so far. Thanks again.