Massive difference in file/folder numbers before and after USB to NAS backup

I’ve connected my 4TB Seagate Backup+ USB3.0 drive to the EX2, and I’d like to know why the number of files/folders, and the total file size that Windows 10 reports, is so radically different from when that drive is connected to my PC.

Moreover, after I backed up the entire drive to the EX2 (which is configured as RAID 0, for a total capacity of 6TB) then checked the properties of the backup, the difference is even much greater.

  1. When Seagate drive is connected to PC:
    Size: 2.23TB
    112,148 files
    10,622 folders

  2. When Seagate drive is connected to the EX2:
    Size: 2.22TB
    108,775 files
    8,363 folders

  3. After the backup, and checking the properties of the backup:
    Size: 2.20TB
    56,657 files
    5,897 folders

Maybe it has something to do with the different file systems between the USB drive and the EX2, but the HUGE discrepancy of around 52,000 files makes me seriously doubt the completeness of the backup.

I then repeated the whole test with a smaller source drive, a 1TB Seagate GoFlex USB3.0 drive, and the difference was much smaller (only 7 files).

Any ideas on what’s going on here?