Massive data transfer

Running V 2.4.6 on my 2Tb drive.  It all works fine, backing up on the fly as I have it set to continuous backup.

Some weeks ago I installed an update and had some problems with continuous backup and set it to timed (hourly) backup for a while. Eventually got it back to continuous backup and it is working fine.  The problem is that quite frequently, about hourly (though it may be related to my usuage) I get this data transfer which Networx shows as being between 200 & 300 Mb/s, lasting for a minute or two, which not surprisingly practically brings my PC to a standstill.  Drive is networked by cable via an unmanaged switch through gigabit ports.

It didn’t used to do this big transfer, so why does it now?  It is as though it is copying the entire backup area in order to filter out the changed files rather than just backing up the changed files.   If I have Smartware open and look at it, it will change status to “copying files” for a short while without showing massive data transfer.

Hi davidor, welcome to the WD Community. 200 & 300 Mb/s means that you’re transferring between 25 and 37.5 MB/s per second, this is a normal transfer rate for the My Book Live over a Gigabit connection. 

Thanks for your rreply.  I appreciate that the data transfer rate is normal for the type of connection. The data transfer rate however is not the question.  What prompted my question is that it didn’t need to do this massive data transfer when the drive was first set up. It only happened after an update I did.  And surely it is not neccessary to transfer such huge amounts of data every hour when maybe only one or two small files have changed, if that?  In normal operation, it only seems to need to transfer the data of the new or changed files.

The 300Mb/s data transfer continues for a couple of minutes. It must be a huge amount of data as I can download files of several Mb from the web, peaking at maybe 30 Mb/s, in a second or so.  This data transfer is only associated with the WD drive and or software as if I disconenct, it doesn’t occur.