Marvelous = enjoy!

Hi = looking on here seems Mycloud is difficult or problematic.
That is far from the truth = I am a first time user of limited experience. Setup was easy - it works fast and easily. I switched off the LED front light and let it get on with things - which it does without me hand-wringing or worrying.
I just let it sort itself out = and all is good. Whether it is this or that - who cares? It works, is reliable and its fantastic to beable to access pictures and files from anywhere. Also, if my phone is lost or stolen - no problem = there is nothing on it - its all on mycloud. I use it to share study materials with others - yea its v reliable and sends them a nice layout of PDF files to Whatsapp and emails etc without any fuss. I can’t praise it high enough!! Most of the time its asleep saving electricity and prolonging its life - but springs into action when required,
So, what about that! A recommendation!!


Thanks for sharing.