Mappping HDD BackUps after SSD Upgrd

I have a desktop with an SSD ‘C’ Drive that I only use for applications and windows/system files. I keep my documents and other storage items on 4 separate WD Caviar 1T drives internally on the PC. I have a MyCloud and a Mybook drive. I use these to backup the PC. I have back up files for all 4 1T drives. I had to replace the SSD (I can still access the WD system files on the old C Drive). I want to link back to the original backup files and want to know if there are system files I can drag onto the new drive to do this and not have to re-back up all 4 1T drives.


I’m not getting your question clearly, can you please provide more information about this.

Your network drives keep the data even if you replace the internal drive of the pc.

My back ups are still on the mycloud drives. The sftwe is trying to make fresh back ups for each drive on the mycloud drive. There is only 200gb left on a 4tb cloud drive since the original backups are already there. I don’t want to start a fresh back up - I want to link to the originals.

My drives look to have have been reordered/renamed when the system drive and OS were replaced. I’m trying to figure out how to realign to the back up files.