Mapping Whitelight in Windows 7

Hi all,

I have a WD Worldbook Whitelight, behind a DDNS configured router, with 443 and 22 ports forwarded.
Share folders on Worldbook are protected with username and password.

While I can access my Worldbook via HTTPS through browser and via SFTP through FileZilla, I am unable to map the Worldbook in Windows (Map Network Drive).

When I type my DDNS name in Windows, nothing happens.

Can someone please tell me what should be the problem?

Thank you

Check if using WDlink work, you can lso try mapping the my book using the IP number.

Nope. Does not work.

WDlink says there are no drives attached to the network.

This is strange, as I can access the drive via sftp and https, but for some reason it cannot be mapped in Windows.

Do you have any other idea?