Mapping the live hub to be seen by pc?

So I got my wdtv live hub today.  Set up was a breeze as usual, I don’t expect anything less with WD products.  The problem I’m having is mapping the drive to be seen by my network.  I have the mybook world edition, and I was able to map that drive to the network so I could move movies and photos there.  But I don’t see the option for this in the hubs options when I access it in the network tab of my PC.  Is this possible, if so how do I acomplish it?  Thanks.

Yes it is.

Check the WorkGroup of you computer and them of you WD TV LH, make sure they are the same.

It should then appear in your 'My Network Devices" and you should be able to explore it.

Then mape the drive, directory to your letter.

I didn’t see the option to check and see if the lh is in my work group, where do I go to check this?

Download the Discovery Software from WDTV’s website.

You don’t need the Discovery Tool…

Just go into SETUP / NETWORK SETTINGS and verify the WORKGROUP name is the same as all the other devices on your home network.

Don’t need it, but it has some nice features that you would otherwise not have without it… :slight_smile:

Deeked wrote:

Don’t need it, but it has some nice features that you would otherwise not have without it… :slight_smile:

Not that I recall. All I recall that it does is map network drives. That can be done in Windows Explorer with no need for additional software.

You are right. It pretty much just gives you the option to add a shortcut to your desktop. :sigh:

What are these other great features?

To map the live hub as a network drive in the PC, first go to Computer (or My Computer), click Map Network Drive (or Tools> Map Network Drive), choose the drive letter you want and in the folder space, type \DeviceName\WDTVLiveHub wherein the DeviceName is the Device Name of your hub indicated in the network settings of the hub (WDLiveHub is default but you can change it to anything you want). There you go, you have mapped the hub as a network drive.