Mapping of network drives

I run win xp, and have a wd my book world edition II. I have set up a public share with music on it (i tunes is activated), and have created a private share for my backups… (the idea is to have equally private shares for others in the family…)

each time I reboot, I loose my mappings…

I can find the music in itunes, i can see the disk active via network utilities, and i can start admin config ny pointing to the ip-adress in IE… so I know the drive is running and available, and also connected to the computer.

But I cannot run \, and my mappings are  “Disconnected network drive”… Hence backups are pending, and I still don’t know how to fix, I spend lot of time to delete mappings and make over again each time…

What is wrong?

Any ideas?

If it was my private share only that was disconnected, but also public share is disconnected… and it seems I have to enter admin password or something to reconnect, even to the public share…

I also lose the network drive mapping after rebooting the PC. Says something like “network connection not restored”. I have not found a way to fix this yet so i am hoping someone will see our postes and advise.

I found some information that I can not map different drives with different users. When I stopped using both my own user and an admin user (with respective passwords), the problem was a bit smaller (meaning I didn’t have to delete the mappings and reboot etc for each time I wanted to connect to the drive).

Now, with only one user, I still have to manually connect on each boot of the pc, enter username/pw etc.

I have set up WD Anywhere backup agianst this drive too; and wonder could it be that the fixed user that this program uses (and I can not change/delete in the drive config menues, and also don’t know the pw for), is creating this problem?

It might be a coincidence, but it seems as if I manually can connect to the drive before anywhere backup starts, it is working (just that the pc is not remembering username/pw, which I’d like it to do, of course, but less of a problem than I had initially)

found this in the knowledge base

The WD Discovery Tool version 1.4 that shipped with the WD My Book World Edition network drive does not allow for persistent drive mapping.

WD Discovery Tool, version 1.4, maps the network drive to the PC using the IP address. Once the PC is restarted, the My Book World drive can lose connection to the router, if the router assigns it a new IP address. You would then have to disconnect the previous drive mapping , and remap the drive through the WD Discovery Tool.

The latest release of the WD Discovery Tool, version 1.5, has fixed the issue seen in version 1.4. The new version of WD Discovery Tool now maps the network drive using the device name rather than the IP address. Now, upon rebooting the PC, the drive stays mapped to the PC.

Please click on WD Discovery Tool to download and install the latest version of WD Discovery Tool.

Intersting piece of information! Though I doubt this is the problem in my case, as I mapped by drive name manually.  The WD discovery tool didn’t work at all, it didn’t run, actually (se an own thread in this database about that)

Try map the drive manually. Create a batch file and put it under the Startup folder.

net use o: \IP address\username /user:username password


Private drive is O

IP address of the world book is

User Name is SuperMan

Password is Super

The syntax would be… net use o: \ /user:SuperMan Super

For the shared drive, you need not to include the /user:…