Mapping My Cloud as a network drive when working from a different LAN


I have My Cloud placed in my office (which got a static IP address from the ISP) and I would like to map it as a network drive on my laptop, which is used when I’m home. 

The problem is that obviously, my home network doesn’t recognize the dirve which is situated in my office.

What I want is to have the ability to access files on the drive with the same path.

Something like X:\MyFiles…

Currently I managed to map the drive only at work.

How can I do this at home?


You can’t… unless you have the drive directly exposed to the internet, which is an INCREDIBLY RISKY thing to do…

Is there any local solution I could use on my computer? I am exposed to the content of the drive anyway, so is there a third-party softwae that can pretend it’s a network drive or something?