Mapping My Book Live is not permanent in Windows 10

I have been using a My Book Live mapped to Z: in XP and Windows 7 without needing to redo mapping or enter password for MANY years. Have just upgraded machines to Windows 10. Have updated firmware on My Book Live. Everytime I reboot, I have to go through the process of mounting the drive and giving the password AGAIN. WHY?? WHAT IS DIFFERENT???

Hi there,

When you mapped the drive on windows 10, did you get an option to reconnect the mounted share at log on? because with this option you should not need to re map the device every time.

No I did not. How do I find that option?

Louise Smith512-240-2610

At the moment I’m blowing off trying to map a drive. If I go to network devices “My Book Live” shows up as both a Media Server and as a Storage Device. I do a right click on the Storage and go with “Open”. Don’t double click, use the “Open” option instead.

Eventually M$ will get together with the “unimportant” vendors and show the little undocumented parts of the API needed.

Since I try to keep that drive sync’d to the “data” drive in my machine
that is backed up by Carbonite, this is really annoying. I use
FreeFileSync to keep them sync’d, and I cannot save my sync profile and use
it automatically.

Louise Smith512-240-2610