Mapping multiple users to same share

I have multiple users setup via a 3TB My Cloud, and each can successfully map from Win7 to their perspective share (username/password all checks out and mapps fine).

I created another share as a “group” share, also non-public, but gave each user Read/Write access to it.  I was able to map one person to it, but no-one else thereafter.  So this first user has their personal share mapped (drive letter M) as well as this group share (drive letter W), but every user there after fails when trying to map to this “group share”.

Is there a limitation on who can be mapped to a share at the same time?  I would like users to be able to drop/pull from this group share at will.

Any assistance you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

Hello There, welcome to the community.

As long as the users have permissions to access each share you shouldn’t have any problem.

How are you mapping the drive? Because the letter M, unless selected manually is an strange letter for a network drive.

Yes, the drive letter choices were a manual setup/configuration.  However I continue to have a mapping issue with multiple users, from multiple workstations, mapping to the same share at the same time.

If I disconnect the first connected user, I can then map a different user, but cannot get them all to map to the same share at the same time.

It’s very weird.

Thank you in advance.