Mapping Graboid download path to WD Hub?

I"m hoping this is the appropriate forum for this inquiry. If not, kindly redirect me.

I want to map my download path in Graboid to my WD Hub. I was initially successful in doing this with two small file downloads. However, now I am getting error messages when I launch Graboid that the path is not valid. I was using “Z:\Graboid\Completed” for the test download that worked. But now this is not successful.

Has anyone been able to do this? An older post from a couple of years ago says it can’t be done. But if I can send downloaded videos on my PC to the hub, why can’t I directly map to it? Does it have to do with Graboid’s “unpacking” function?

masarweh, did you ever find the information on how to do this?

I figured it out . I mapped to an incorrect path. Thanks.