Mapping Drive issues

Hi all, Im trying to Map a Drive to the WD live TV so i can use Thumbgen movie sheet. Well when I click on Network I see wdlivetv, But when I lick on it and open it up. There is nothing under wdlivetv, I dont see any files or nothing. 

I have Windows file sharing on and everything is good. I just dont understand why i cant map a drive letter to wdlivetv

thank for your help

Sorry if this comes across as a dumb question, but:  You do have a USB Disk attached to the WDTV?

hmm so i guess there are no system files on the device? was falling a guide for thumbgen and said to map a drive to the device. I’ll keep researching.

There are system files, but they’re not visible via the network.

That reference might have been to the WDTV Live HUB which DOES have a built-in hard disk.

The WDTV Live SMP does NOT; you’d need to provide your own storage.

ahh gotcha thanks for the info. Yea was fallowing the Mojo guide. I’ll search around some more.