Mapping a Wd MyCloud Ex4 share

Hi all

Is there any way to map a wdex4 like a regular WdMyCloud single drive with wd2go ?

I mean this way :

Work well on Wd MyCloud 2tb but seem not availiable on Ex4 !?

Did i missed something ?

Hi and welcome to the WD community.

This unit does not have the ability to connect to like the Normal WD My Cloud, this unit is able however to connect with the application although there is a WEBDAV option on the unit but i have not tested this with my unit. I am not aware if the WD My Cloud EX4 requires specific steps in order to be configured. Lets see if any other user can help out withe some tips and information on this matter.

are you useing windows? if so you can easily open the command prompt an map the drive.

For example if the network name of your MyCloudEx4 was “MyCloudEx4”  and you had a share called Public then you would enter the following command to map the drive:

net use H: \MyCloudEx4\Public

This will map your share to the H: drive letter, if that drive letter is already taken you can just change it for any drive letter you like.

If the share is a private share, you will get a prompt after entering the command asking you to provide a Username and Password to access the share. There will also be an option to save the username/password for the mapped drive if you dont want to keep entering it every time the computer reboots or looses connection to the Ex4.