Mapped USB hard drivenot not available on network

I have a 2.5TB hard drive connected to my WD TV Live that I store my media on. I have this drive mapped as a network drive on all three computers inthe house (all running Windows 8.1). Normally I transfer stuff from my computers to this drive. However, seemingly at random, the mapped drive will no longer be accessible from any of the computers until it randomly reconnects itself. I never had this problem with the first TV TV HD player (that frst one that was rounded on the front), or this one until a few months ago. It worked fine under Windows XP, Windows 8 and 8.1. My router settings haven’t changed, and the WD TV Live is set to always be on.

I do not know why it is doing this. However, I noticed that when it does this, the WD TV Live does not show up as a connected device on the router. Is there a setting in the player that disconnects it fro mthe wifi network to save power or anything?

Mine does this the very odd time as well, and it only happens with the SMP is in standby mode. No idea why it does it, but turning it on allows it to reconnect to the network and show the local drive attached to it as well. Is yours actually ON with the white light, or just in standby mode as well? That’s weird if its losing its connection when its fully on.

As far as I know it stays on. My universal remote is not set to toggle the power on or off when i select an activity. the player stays at whatever screen i was on when i go back to it. the hard drive was always online up intil a few months ago. now it seems hit and miss. however, now i am having an issue with the player not recognizing the hard drive attached to it. this player is starting to annoy me to the point of replacing it.

I am starting to think that the external drive itself goes into sleep mode, making it inaccessible on the network. It is a 2.5TB WD Elements drive that I have had for a few of years. It wasn’t until the last year or less that this problem has been occurring. Looking at thecdrive now, I can see the white LED on the back of the drive slowly blinking instead of being solid. Is there a way to keep the drive from going into sleep mode?