Mapped network drives

I’m attempting to backup my windows device but it appears that more credentialing is required in order to give access to private shares. Has anyone successfully mapped a windows drive to a private share?

Google is your friend:

Don’t know why you responded to one of my questions, BUT, I have discovered a few Oops with windows, 10 in my case. It No workie! BUT! If you have Windows 11 installed, at whatever costs they soak you for this, you can “File Explorer” into a private share using admin creds, or at least with my EX2 Ultra. Other than that I have a troubleshooting question in with WD about my win 10 “No workie” issue.

I am having this same issue, I think. Trying to have

  • \\MYCLOUDEX2ULTRA\backupShare share for backupUser, and
  • \\MYCLOUDEX2ULTRA\normalShare for normalUser.

From what I’ve read, Win 10 recognizes both of these shares as being the same network share - perhaps based on \\MYCLOUDEX2ULTRA or based on IP address. AND Win 10 can’t support two sets of user credentials to access the same share. Whichever connects first, the other is blocked out.

I’m currently thinking, it would require some fancy trick, like SSH into the E2U and creating a virtual NIC which will DHCP a unique IP address and DNS name. This would make it look like a second device on the network. This seems like a lot of work and potentially unreliable as I know nothing about the E2U OS, yet.

Yepper, for SSH read-up on a terminal emulator=PuTTY and Cisco CLI. It’s becoming quite universal, BUT!, make sure you know what you’re messing with as yee-ole reset will be in the future.

I B win 10 and the whole issue is a permissions problem. For Win 8, 7 I believe y’all will have to putts with the Creds manager. For Win 10, make sure you’re up to date. For my ole clunker machine updating is an all-day job but let-r crank and grind until it finishes OR you get the digital digit with the “Blue Screen of Death”.

So for me, I’m now able to at least view all shares @ my My CloudUltra EX2. Yippy Skippy!