Mapped Network Drives won't connect after connecting to wd2go

Previously mapped network drives do not work after connecting over the internet via wd2go.

I mapped the “Videos” share of my NAS to the V: drive of my laptop computer, map location: //RyanFamilyNAS/Videos. I connected to wd2go from the internet on the same computer to access another share. I then mapped the wd2go location to another drive.

Now I am back in my LAN and am trying to access the \RyanFamilyNAS\Videos share on my mapped V: drive. It comes up with the following error: “Windows cannot access  \RyanFamilyNAS Error Code: 0x80070035 The network path was not found”

wd2go Network Map Error.png

Do I need to disconnect the mapped drives to the wd2go, reconnect all of my drives via wd2go, or is there another solution?

WD2Go is only for remote access, not local access. Have you checked if the drive itself is just not being recognized? Can you access the configuration page? Can you PING it?

I can’t see the pic until a Mod gives green light…

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I believe I found the solution, I disconnected the remotely mapped drives then restarted my computer. I was then able to connect to my locally mapped drives successfully.

I understand wd2go is only for remote access. What happened was I was at my college and needed some files from the NAS. I signed into wd2go and mapped a drive to the remotely accessed share. When I got home, I could still connect to the remotely mapped drive but I couldn’t connect to a different locally mapped share.