Mapped drive lost on windows 10

I rebooted my gen2 system the other day. After the reboot. I was not able to access the My Cloud. After doing some research. I found that several things were not working. The /var/log/samba directory was missing. Three files were missing from /etc/samba smb.conf, secrets.tdb and tm_config.conf. Also smbd and nmbd were not running. I had this problem with a different My Cloud. Never did figure out what was wrong but somehow the problem corrected itself.
I talked to WD support about this problem. After some testing they escalated the problem to level 2. Level 2 keep trying to figure out what was wrong on the windows PC. I tried to tell them that two other My Cloud devices were working fine. They finally said that they would escalate to level three, if I supplied the necessary information along with upgrading the software to the current level. Interesting, I received a call from support later in the evening. After we talked he sent an email requesting more information. Then the next day they called again. I said that I would supply the information.
After sending the information I continued looking into why it was not working. Research has shown that smb.conf, secrets.tdb and tm_config.conf get removed and rebuilt on reboot. I finally figured out that when the load_module is called with a parameter of network. They files get rebuilt. It seems for some reason load_module network is not being called. When I did sh /usr/local/modules/script/load_module nertwork The files
were rebuilt and smbd and nmbd were running. But for some reason I still could not access the mapped drive. I kept looking for the NAS to show up under network in file explorer, which it didn’t. Since it didnt how up under network. I thought that I could not map the drive because it didn’t show up under the browse tab. Finally I tried to map the drive using the ip address and it worked. Still does not show up under network in file explorer. I just rebooted again and the problem is back. So I ran load_module network and the mapped drive is back.
This means for some reason load_module network is not being run on reboot.

I’ve talked to WD support about this problem. They actually appeared to be helping until they tried to push the problem to third level support. I sent the requested information to get level three support. But today they responded that since I used SSH to determine what was happening they would not contact me. They said that I should do a full system restore or RMA the unit. They seem to have totally missed the point that if you upgrade the I have found that the problem is because load_module network is not being called.

Did you check after the full system restore of device? Is there any change in the performance of device ?

I have not done a full system restore. It is not necessary. A full system restore may fix the problem. But then we won’t know how to fix this problem. I’ve narrowed the problem down to default.script not being called. default.script is the one to call load_module network.
default.script is supposed to be called by udhcpc process.