Map network shares with Ubuntu 22.04. lts

It’s not possible to map network shares with Ubuntu 22.04, using nfs

Did anyone find a solution to this?

(maybe it has something to do with a new nfs version on Ubuntu, but I’m not sure about this).

Hi jennifer12

As workaround it’s possible to use ftp:
a) Activate ftp on your cloud unit (both network settings and shares settings)
b) Map the network drives in the nautilus file manager (eg.
But I don’t think ftp is that secure

I also have an old mycloud unit with OS3. Shares on this unit are mapped using afp. It seems it’s not possible to use afp with OS5??

You likely need to disable SMBv1 (from 1984 yes SMBv1 is from 38 years ago!!!) in the WD NAS configuration. Recent Ubuntu NFS clients have SMB v1 disabled due to extremely bad security issues that can only be resolved by disabling SMB v1.

Seriously it just a ridiculously pathetic that WD still has a 38 year old protocol enabled by default! Unless you have a retro farm of old computers like decades old unpatched UNIX, or any DOS or Windows 3.X machine to connect to your WD there is absolutely no need to have SMBv1 enabled.

Samba/SMB References:
August 9, 2011 3.6 This is the first branch which includes full support for SMB2.[15]

Some versions of Samba 3.6.3 and lower suffer serious security issues which can allow anonymous users to gain root access to a system from an anonymous connection, through the exploitation of an error in Samba’s remote procedure call.[22]

Hi thetick
Thanks for your reply. My NAS is prefigured to use SMB2 and SMB3 only

But my real problem still is connecting MyCloudEX2 with OS5 to Ubuntu 22.04LTS using nfs