Map Network Drive - MyBook Live Duo - Windows 7 64-bit - multiple shares

MyBook Live Duo, 6 TByte, up-to-date firmware (as of 5/3/2012)

laptop, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, up-to-date software (as of 5/3/2012), 8 GByte main memory, i7 processor

Device has 3 shares: 1 public, 2 private.

The initial month-long use of the original public share and my first added private share was fine.

Today, 5/3, I added a second private share. I can mount it fine, and windows uses M: for he first private share and R: for the second private share.

The laptop is an HP machine, with C: for windows, D: for RECOVERY, and G: for HP_TOOLS

The problem is that in “Computer” the original share, M:, is listed as 4.13 TByte free of 5.42 TByte (OK) but the new share, R:, is listed as a size and with free space equal to that of my laptop’s windows drive. Programs that examine the amount of free space on drives that they access get the wrong answer (for R: ) and may decide that they have insufficient space to perform operations (despite the file servers actual amount of free space of > 4 TByte).

Your PC mounted the second share via WebDAV instead of Microsoft Network.

You can verify by opening a CMD window and typing the command

net view

If anything is listed as “Web Client Network,”  then that’s WebDAV, and the symptoms your describe are exactly that.

Yes, in parallel to the WebDAV response, I independently ran across this.

Control Panel / Network and Internet / Network Connections

Press alt to see menus

Advanced / Advanced Settngs…

Previous network provider order was (win 7 original, I believe):

Microsoft Remote Desktop Session

Microsoft Windows Network

Web Client Network

Move Microsoft Windows Network to the top of the list, even if it seems redundant.

In the Command Prompt, observing the results of “net use” before and after the change (and disconnect/map) will show the shift from “Web Client Network” to “Microsoft Windows Network”. In the Computer window, the total and free space sizes also are correct. This also seems to hold across a reboot.

URLs that got me headed this way are:

I have the same Problem with the mounted share.

I moved Microsoft Windows Network to the top the way you discribed it => nothing changed

I disabled the Web Client Network service => no connection to MBL

Any idea how I can mount the share with Microsoft Windows Network?