Map a folder for plex

I just bought my cloud home 8TB and to be honest, I expected to be surprised by the device but it makes me dissappointed!
By the way, my family and I have some common videoes and musics to play, and as far as I realize, these files should be on public folder, so everyone can access it. But in this way, they are not accessible by plex! So we have to copy them to our private account folders, to watch it on tv or any other media player!
So I suggest this possibility mapping public folder to plex to have some shared common files with all users.
Thanks in advance!


me too
WD staff must see this

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In the Plex app for PC Windows, at the option edit a library, there is an option to browse for folders inside library, that would be a nice addition to this plex app for WD Mycloud Home…
So you can add some folder from another drive to plex library.:sweat_smile:

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Yes. it’s exactly what I meant. I hope wd team see us and do something for this problem.

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Can access to public folder from private users sessions could be a intermediate solution.

Any new ideas or any new solutions?

Noone hears us! They just wanna sell the product. No support at all :expressionless::confused:

This is very disappointing. I plan on returning my WD MyCloud Home back to Amazon because of the lack of this functionality.

Same issue. Very disappointing.

I need this feature too. Would be very nice from WD if they can create another folder on public.

Dear WD team,

After Buying the My Cloud Home yesterday , i was disappointed today because of the library issue


Same here… too much security to utilize what a NAS drive have to offer!