Many apps not showing up on My Book after full Time Machine backup

Time Machine is configured to back up every day. When I check, I can see documents and other files that were successfully updated. However, half of my applications aren’t there, such as Notes. I don’t understand what is wrong or how I can fix it. Thank you in advance for your expertise.

Time machine is the main backup utility for mac users offered by Apple. But sometimes the time machine is unable to backup your data and shows errors like Time machine backup failed etc.

Here are a few DIY fixes to resolve the time machine backup failure issue:

  1. Check the external hard drive’s file system.
  2. Check free disk space on an external hard drive.
  3. Check for junk files or other unwanted data as it might be causing problems.
  4. Check if the Mac software is updated.
  5. Try restarting your Mac.
  6. Check if the mac and the backup drive are connected to the same network.

By checking the above issues, you might resolve the time machine backup failure.

Hope it helps!