Manually mapping network drive from external network

I just bought a WD My Cloud 3 TB, which is up and running within my own network, but I am struggling with external connectivity.

I want to access my NAS from an external network. Specifically, from an external network, I want to map my network drive assigned to my username in the computer screen (next to the internal hard drives), without having to use the WD software. This for the purpose of automatic (periodically) synchronising files stored on the network drive. Is this possible?

I have tried a lot of settings, but I am not even able to connect to the My Cloud without using I already port forwarded the specific ports (80 and 443) in my router from my ISP (the My Cloud gives an approval message on this, the ports are also open according to, I changed to static IP address, enabled FTP access, all I could think of. By logging into it is possible for me to access the drive, but I do not succeed to do this manually. So therefore I want to know if it is possible to map the network drive/or access the NAS without using the software. If it is, I know where to troubleshoot and will contact my ISP then :wink:

This is my first NAS, so I am not very experienced yet. So any help is welcome!


You should be able to do that using FTP access but that is not supported by the WD Support.

Check online for FTP applications that can assist you with that.

Hi Help4All,

thanks for your answer. I managed to enter the NAS by forwarding port 21 in my router as well (model ZTE h220n). I didn’t know this was necessary as these ports were not listed in the WD MyCloud.

Then I was able to assign a drive letter to this FTP by following this tutorial:

Maybe this is useful to anyone in the future, at least it solved the problem for me :slight_smile: