Manually getting content info for tv-shows still doesnt work

WD claims, that they have fixed that issue in the latest firmware, but it still doesnt work.

I still cant get “get content info” to work for tv-shows. My shared videofolder on my nas looks like this:

Shared Videos

  • Movies

      • Spiderman
      • Superman
  • TV-shows

    • Futurama

   - - - Season 6 (here I keep every episodes of season 6 as Futurama.s06e01.mkv etc.

When I click “get content info” on a specific episode to manually get content info, all I get is an xml file with info about the episode and a metathumb file with the cover. I get no backdrop folder like I do for movies. Why is that? I am running with the latest firmware.

That IS the content info. The missing backdrops is another thing, and is, indeed, a new bug I think started in 1.07.xx release.

Can someone help me?

I don’t get the Get Content Info option in the files…  just “Move/Copy/Delete/Upload to Facbook/Select Multiple”.

I’m through Network Share folder.

Media Library is on

Folder is added to Media Library.


Have you selected “My Media Library” when browsing.

Select “Videos”, then press the red button on the remote and select “My Media Library”.