Manual Update error - Device does not have enough space for upgrade

due to permission issues, I’ll like to downgrade my software to an earlier version … but when attempting to perform a manual update i get an error Device does not have enough space for upgrade.

I noticed someone posted something for this … but there was no resolution …

any ideas ?

currently running WDMyCloud v04.01.01-413 : Core F/W

Are you downloading the firmware to the device through SSH?

There are some posts with a method that uses the manual firmware downgrade from the NAS UI firmware section. That method includes changing the explicit version number of your target firmware so it is not blocked by the upgrade scripts.

The fact that the method allows you to use the UI vs downloading and changing the software through SSH should work around the space issue.

Sorry for responding this late … I never got a confirmation email … could you please point me to this other tickets your are refering to ?

I started to search but got a little confused … i saw a few … not sure which one to use

Thanks for the help