Manual Input of Network Settings

I am using a wireless thumb drive to connect to my  home network, but  have been unable to connect.  My  internet connection / network is recognized, but after inputting my password and selecting “automatic” under network setup options I’m unable to connect. How do I track down the below settings so they can be entered in manually?


  • IP

  • Subment

  • Gateway

  • DNS

The IP address can be any unused address on your network.

My PC is

My WDTV is

My server is

My PS2 is

Mrs. RG’s PC is


The only thing is you should never manually assign a number that’s in the DHCP range.  My router is set to use to as DHCP numbers, and you see that none of my other devices are in this range other than Mrs. RG’s PC.  Techically I shouldn’t have set it to 64 (or should have changed the DHCP range to start at 65), but since I don’t connect devices that need an address assigned to them through DHCP, I’m not going to have a conflict.  The DHCP range will be in your router’s settings too (see below).

The proper Subnet and Gateway depend on your router, but the subnet is almost always

On my router, the Gateway is

 However, as I said, different routers can use different settings.

For my DNS entry, I’ve always just used my ISP’s DNS settings.  I got them from my router’s settings pages, and manually put them in my PC’s setup, instead of using the Automatic setting.  Thus, when I got the WDTV, I just copied the primary one from the PC’s settings to the WDTV’s settings.

Usually your router will have a setup “webpage” that you can browse to.  Mine is accessed by inputting in my browser’s address bar.  If that works for you, then you know that your gateway is also, and you should be able to find some usable DNS settings.  If your router has a different address, you’d have to browse to the proper one.  Details should be in your router’s instructions.

Or, in the case that no DNS addresses show up anywhere on the router’s setup pages, you could always call your ISP and ask them what DNS address you should be using.

Thanks for your feedback. Still having trouble.

I’ve input an IP that is okay. Also have the subnet and gateway input which I obtained with your tips and after checking against ipconfig on my computer. Checked with my internet provider as to  the DNS and my HD TV box is saying the DNS is not recognized. I’ve trie dusing a primary and secondary DNS provided by them.

Not sure why the box overall won’t conttect  automatically.  I also have the most up-to-date firmware installed.

Any other thoruhgts?


Problem solved. After inputting the settings manually, including the DNS provided by my ISP, the WD TV box still did not recognize the DNS, but was acknowleding the IP address and other settings. So I tried the autosetup again and this time it pulled in the correct DNS number.