Manual firmware install approach to rescue My Cloud before a RMA?


Now this is interesting… 

As per my recent postings, the firmware update which came down on 28th October blew away my SSH, ftp and dashboard …and thus control over the My Cloud device.  Twonky was still running and could serve media, and a windows share could connect.   So able to access data, but no admin rights or ability whatsoever.  Did evry PD prossible without cracking the case open.  WD Support gave me exceptional permission (much appreciated) to connect the internal HDD to a PC to extract data prior to  a RMA and direct device swap like-for-like.

I’ve removed my data, and presently cleasning the disk through zero writes before a return (mounted as a new /dev/sdc4 in a Debian installation).  Have the mounted filesystem open right now in temp mount  /mnt/cloud  and in mnt/cloud/cache can see the firmware update files datestamped 28th Oct etc (as expected).    (updateFile.deb filesize = 170827394, update.log and upgrade directory all from that datestamp).  These are the files used in the hard system restore for a rebuild…but as they are a duff firmware themselves, even a hard restore fails as rebuild of a **bleep** firmware results in a **bleep** device.

Could I manually swap those update.deb files out for the firmware issued on 19th Nov, and perform a hard restore (reset button for 40s after a power up) to bring the new image online???

Or could I use a legacy image, install in to /mnt/cloud/cache ( ) and perform a hard restore to the same end goal?

Any comments or input appreciated.  It’s probably easier just to zero the Shares area and RMA the disk and wait for the new one…I know that!    Thanks in advance one and all.

Hello mate,

I think will be better for you to contact WD Support for this one. Not sure that I’ve seen something like this on the Community.

Perhaps, I’m wrong and some of the user can provide you some information on this.

WD Contact info: