Manual Connect without Website?

I would like to automate the connection process to MyBookLive when remote, over the internet.

When I was using Mionet, it would start and automatically make the connections and then automatic synch software could access the drives. How do I do that now with WD2go? It seems that currently I have to interact with the WD2go website to create the 'WebDAV" connection. Is there some way I can connect my drives when the PC starts up?

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Win7, MBL 3Tb with latest firmware.

Not that I am aware, at least is not possible with WD2Go.

That would be a good idea, the best that you could do is to put a shortcut for the wd2go web page on your desktop.

Hmm, well thank you for the confirmation that I’m not just missing something.

Isn’t there some kind of script process which WD2go is using to make the connection?

i.e. If they published that couldn’t we make a script file which simply does that command? I appreciate that they have made that command simple with a web interface. But for automation purposes we need the command which needs to be run. I suppose it might be in the web page source code, but I am now approaching my technical limitations.

Any web programmers out there who could toss me some steps to do this?

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I hear that WD2GO uses WebDAV, and my iPad has Numbers which connects either to their iCloud or a WebDAV site/user/pass… Surely there would be a simple address we could use to connect to our WD My … Live drives? I can’t imagine this huge market would have been missed by WD? (living in hope)