Manual backups possible with WD Backup?

1: WD Backup: Is there a way to shut of automatic backups entirely? And then the backups would only run whenever I tell it to run. I don’t like backup programs seizing my hardrive except when I tell it to do so.

  1. Also is there a way to not have any WD backup processing running automatically when I turn the computer on? In other words the processes would only start up when I run the WD Backup program.

Thanks in advance.

The main problem is the destination is an external WD hardrive that must not be interrupted by unplugging it while it is active. It needs to be removed only when Windows says it is safe to do so. Which means the drive must be inactive at that time.

But if WD on it’s own initiative takes control and starts using the drive, then I might very well unplug the drive by say bumping the USB connector while I’m not knowing it is being used.

I need to keep WD from doing anything to any drive until I tell it to, not when it wants to. Because that is extremely dangerous situation!