Mangling the artistsort tag on audio files?

WD Live lists the artists on some of my audio files as, for example ort=Beatles or ORT=Beatles.  The only thing I can think of is that WD Live is misreading the artistsort tag. 

It’s not exactly rocket science.  Every media player that I have used can either use the tag or ignores it.  I’ve never seen one that truncates the tag and substitutes what remains of the tag and the tag’s value as the artist name.

Although playing audio files was a very important reason for buying a WD Live, I am finding it pretty much unusable for that purpose.  It’s surprising and frustrating that the WD Live does the job so ineptly.  Good, working open source code to play, sort, display etc. audio files as been around nearly two decades. 

It might be not reading it properly…

Make sure that you have the latest firmware installed

Yep.  WD Live is not reading the artistsort tag correctly.  Latest firmware installed.