Manage sub-folders permissions


I just got my WD MyCloud for a small business a few days ago.

It’s a 3TB MyCloud, with the firmware 2.21.111

I would like to create a user per person working here, with different profiles and different folders permissions.
I found out how to allow reading/writing/… for one particular user to one particular folder, but I would like to know how to manage a permissions of a particular sub-folder

Example :
ROOT / - Folder 1 (user admin)
- Folder 2 / - Sub_folder 1
- Sub_folder 2
- Sub_folder 3
- Sub_folder 4
- Sub_folder 5

For example, I would like the user 1 be able to read the Sub-folder 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 BUT only write into the 3.
And so on and so on

As far as I explored the admin page of WD Cycloid, I can’t do that ?
But do you have a soft, or an app, or an extension that I could use to be able to page those permissions. I work of Mac OS X.

Thanks you a lot for your answers


Users have share permissions to the Parent Share and all Sub-Folder Shares under the Parent Share. You can not give permissions to a Sub-Folder Share as it adopts the Parent Share permissions. The single bay My Cloud was never meant to work in a business environment and was created for the “Home User”.

Ok I see. That’s what I was wondering.
But do you have a solution, using a soft or whatever to be able to manage that kind of permissions ? Like using SSH access for example ?

Thanks a lot for your answer

SSH’ing into your My Cloud could possibly void your Warranty … so beware. Another issue, very possible depend in the version of My Cloud you have (Gen 1 or Gen 2) is bricking. Gen 1 run Debian Wheezy and Gen 2 run Busybox. Without more detail on your My Cloud it is hard to say.

There is no official solution, all there is are unofficial solutions, some of which may involve replacing the My Cloud OS which may or may not be possible on the the v2.x firmware version My Clouds. Start by seeing the following thread which may possibly only apply to the older v4.x firmware My Cloud’s to see if replacing the firmware with another OS would offer the features you seek.

Note that using SSH may void the My Cloud warranty and one can easily “brick” or render their My Cloud unusable.

The ability to control permissions on subfolders has been requested in the past, see the Cloud Ideas subforum. WD did their usual “acknowledged” which means pretty much nothing.

OP indicated they were using a v2.x My Cloud (2.21.111) in their initial post. :wink:

You can’t change permissions to sub folders, but you can create additional folders (shares) at the same level as User shares, and give each user individual access rights.

Recently I bought a Samsung smart TV. hook the WD cloud to it … everyone’s private / public folders were exposed !! It didn’t ask for any login / password !!

All access rights works if you go from a PC or via NFS mount but some how not with SAMRT TV !!

My WD FW version v04.04.05-101

How is the Samsung Smart TV accessing the My Cloud? Using DLNA or using some sort of file manager? If using DLNA then it doesn’t matter how one configures the security settings for Shares/Users, DLNA does not support Users and Passwords. If Media Serving is enabled on a Private Share the media contents of that Share will be accessible to any DLNA client.

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Using DLNA, I went back to MY cloud and disabled streaming option in private folders, now the folders are no longer visible. TQ very much. !

Looks like DLNA is capable overwriting all kind of privilege and settings !!

DLNA does not overwrite any settings or privileges that were configured through the My Cloud Dashboard to limit access to the My Cloud Shares. Rather it simply ignores and is not affected by the various setting changes one can enact to make a Share Private.